Software Validation

Software Validation
Comparison of the bremsstrahlung photon production rate on variation thick targets

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H__10_ dose rate attenuation of 16N source by steel

PDF - 42.6 kb
H__10_ dose rate evolution depending on the distance to a 137Cs source

PDF - 48.7 kb
H__10_ dose rate behaviour depending on the source geometry

PDF - 61.7 kb
H__10_ dose rate evolution with some different shielding

PDF - 49.6 kb
H__10_ dose rate evolution for a volumetric source attenuated by different screens

PDF - 42.3 kb
Evolution of the H__10_ dose rate for a spherical volume source composed of different materials

PDF - 51.5 kb
Evolution of the H__10_ dose rate for a parallelepiped volumetric source attenuated by a concrete screen

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Benchmark_32 nucleus