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Since 1994 TRAD does calculations on radiation environment modelizations and their effects on systems. Its experts provide solutions on issues relating to radiological risk, as well as on nuclear hardening. The fields of applications include:

About us Medical
- Nuclear
- Ionization technology for industry and research

TRAD is also provider of software solutions developed by its engineers for all issues concerning flux, dose rate, dose and equivalent dose calculation.

TRAD offers a friendly interface, under Windows O/S, allowing dose calculations by 3D Monte Carlo

RayXpert is a 3D modeling software that calculates gamma dose rates by Monte Carlo

Founded in 1994, TRAD, Tests & Radiations is an independent company providing High Reliability electronic services for space, defense, aviation and other harsh environment applications where reliability is critical.

Located near Toulouse (France), in the industrial area of LABEGE INNOPOLE, TRAD has 800 m2 of laboratory space and high technology equipment allowing any type of radiation studies and tests for electronic components.
In 2012, TRAD built its own Co60 irradiation facility. It is located next to the TRAD offices and laboratory in Labège. In 2014, we will have our own Electron irradiation facility at Labège for up to 4 MeV.

TRAD’s core skills consist in testing and analyzing semiconductor components for space or military applications.
Continuous investment in facilities, equipment, and skilled staff enables TRAD to provide cost effective solutions for critical issues such as:

TRAD Company Radiation calculation and dedicated software
- Radiation tests and analyses
- Special test benches

When you choose TRAD you have access to 20 years of experience in radiation testing acquired by servicing and supporting customers all around the world.