Ionization technologies in industry

Different technologies now allow the use of ionizing radiation (X-ray, gamma, beta, ...) for applications such as radiology and non-destructive examination, treating products by irradiation, product analysis, etc. ....

The implementation of these means requires a careful analysis as much from the radiation protection viewpoint, as from the viewpoint of the dosimetry in the irradiated sample. TRAD brings you its expertise and software tools to meet your needs.

Providing support for radiation protection activities
Ionization technologies in industry Source description and modelization
- Dose and flux calculation
- Radiological zoning
- Equivalent dose estimation
- Workstation definition
- Definition of protective measures
- Radiation protection shielding definition

Beam dosimetry
- Beam modelization
- Mapping calculation of deposited dose in the sample
- Particle flux determination in the sample
- Assessment of activation and intervention contamination phenomena