Due to the diversity of radiation skills developed by TRAD since 1994, our experts work as much in the field of radiation protection, as in the study of systems behavior in a nuclear environment.

Facility design and calculation of facility environment
Nuclear Sizing of nuclear buildings
- Sizing of gamma radiography room or facility
- Engineering calculations and sizing during the preliminary outline phase
- ALARA protocol (zoning assessment) and optimization of radiological protections

Support to Radiological Protection Department for radiological hazard assessment
- Simulation of point or beam type sources
- 3D flux or dose mapping in a room or building
- Radiological zoning
- Definition of radiological protective measures and response protocols in normal or in crisis conditions
- Staff classification
- Workstation definition
- Gamma dosimetry leading from equipment or wall activation problematics
- Internal contamination calculation
- Equivalent dose calculation in a crisis situation or in preparation of a maintenance operation

Increasing reliability of systems (electronics and materials)
- Calculation of the radiation constraint level of sensitive components
- Characterization of system response in a radiative environment
- Effects determination and life-time estimation
- Hardening solutions