Services provided by TRAD experts

In collaboration with CRPP, medical physicists and building professionals, TRAD brings its expertise in the calculation of the radiation environment and the definition of radiological hazards and appropriate protections whether it is in the design phase of a facility or in its operational phase.

Services provided by TRAD experts:

Design phase :
Services provided by TRAD experts Sizing and configuration of buildings
- Concrete wall sizing calculations for buildings/rooms
- Assistance in drafting the authorization application request

Support to radiation protection service:
- 3D flux or dose mapping in a room or building
- Radiological zoning
- Definition of shielding and screens for radiation protection
- Calculation of projected dose
- Workstation definition
- Staff classification
- Definition of protective measures and response protocols
- Estimation by simulation of equivalent doses during intervention, in a normal situation or during a crisis
- Impact of the change of apparatus/equipment on radiological hazards