“Radiation Processing Modelling – Your Accelerator for Product Design” webinar on November 16th 9 am Central US Time. 16PM French time zone

Damien Prieels from IBA and Samuel Dorey from Sartorius and Antoine GHILARDI from TRAD, Tests & Radiations for RayXpert will be the 3 speakers. Save the date and register below 👇


Sterilization by radiation processing is a standardized process for some health care devices. Sterility validation is part of product development and evaluation of dose distribution in products is a key step as it can impact the choices made during the design of such products (Radiation processing may present disadvantages of inducing modifications for exposed materials.).
The qualification of irradiated products to assess their performance is mandatory and obviously requires prototypes in hands, which can be a (long) iterative process. In a world where time to market is essential to remain competitive, Radiation Processing Modelling is an appropriate tool to consider radiation impacts and dose distribution at an early stage of the product design and therefore improve the design efficiency of a new product.